3 Tips On How To Earn Some Affilate Dollars From Olympic Fans

3 Tips On How To Earn Some Affilate Dollars From Olympic Fans

Feb 19, 2014

The 3 Best ways to leverage the olympics as an affiliate

Olympians Shooting Event

They’ve shown us their cards and now we know how to get to their money! In self-help speak, all the money that you want belongs to other people and it is your job to offer them something that is so valuable that they are willing to give you their money. The cards that people have shown us is their love for the Winter Olympics. So many people are watching it, tweeting about it, and Facebooking about it that it would be a sin for us marketers to not use this to make money.

Let’s jump right in!

As I’ve said before, I don’t really like the winter Olympics. The X Games type of events like snowboarding is really cool and so is speed skating but I find the rest of the events a bit boring. Anyway, I’m in it to make money and not to be entertained. I heard a great quote today by Robin Sharma, “victims seek entertainment, while leaders seek learning.

I don’t know about you but I think us marketers are the leaders. We see opportunity and a chance to learn about mass psychology as it applies to marketing and making money off of Winter Olympics fans is a way to do just that.

The First Thing That I’m Doing

The first thing that I’m doing is learning who all the attractive and crush-worthy athletes are. I want to know this so that I can create PPC and Facebook campaigns around these people. If the masses love them, then they will become the anchor for my marketing efforts. I hope you hurry up and do the same as I’m doing because time is running out. The Olympics are almost over with and we have about a week left to make money and at most a few weeks to ride the tails of the breakout stars.

The Second Thing That I’m Doing

You can’t talk about the Olympics without also talking about all the hard training and the discipline that Olympic athletes have to have. This is my first selling point: How To Develop Discipline and Willpower like an Olympic athlete! With all the hype of the Olympics, people eat this up. If you find young successful athletes, like teens, you could change it to: What A 16 Year Old Olympic Athlete Can Teach Us About Self-Discipline.

Last But Not Least

The Olympic Mindset: The Mental Training Techniques That They Use. Tie this with an ebook or some other mind training product and you are golden!

Do you see what we are doing? We create opportunities whenever people tell us what they are emotionally drawn to. When they show their cards, when we know their tells, we go all in and get richer.

Put this information to immediate use and earn some money. This information is evergreen and you can apply it to almost any situation where masses of people are showing you what they are drawn to. ¬†While you’re here, you may also want to check out our website where you can learn more marketing and sales techniques about how to do this for any product.

Give it a go!

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