5 Ways That Affiliate Marketing Can Earn Money From Olympics Hype

sochi 2014

Everyone is hyped up about the Olympics and so am I. Honestly, I don’t care for the winter Olympics but I do love money. As an internet marketer, no scratch that, as a master marketer, I’m always looking for ways to earn money. What I really do is follow what people follow. So if everyone is hyped over the Olympics, then I’m looking for ways to sell them things. No, I’m not talking about go USA or go XXX country or anything like that. I will use this article to show you what I mean.  Just like “Trend Traders” on the stock market, you will understand my approach by the end of this article.

What To Sell?

We are talking about using the Olympics to make money as a marketer. I personally find this so easy. If the people are happy and excited about the Olympics it is normally because they have found athletes who inspire them or who look cute or whatever. As a marketer, I’m looking to turn their fandom into money.

First Way..

One way I’m doing this is by highlighting different stories on Facebook. I’ve created an Olympic Motivation Page that shares different motivating stories and self-help type of information. I’m doing this to get to people emotionally and then I sell them motivation and self-help type products.

Second Way..

The 2nd thing that I’m doing is highlighting athletes who have amazing bodies and telling people how they can also be as fit and that there’s a scientific way that Olympic athletes workout, which is true! I connect these people with this information and then also make some money at the same time. Whenever there is an opportunity to make money, why not take advantage of it?

Third Way..

The 3rd thing that you should have done was researched these athletes months and years ago so that you could have a website that would rank well and that you could promote products or link build from. You need to constantly be ahead of the game and plan out these things months and years ahead of time and beat the competition to the punch (it’s really the only way when it comes to search, unless you want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for SEM Ads).

Fourth Way..

The 4th thing that I’m doing is running a mental training offer on Facebook that asks: How Do You Develop Mental Toughness Like An Olympic Athlete? People love this type of stuff and the Olympics on TV gives you all of the social proof that you would ever need. Everyone is so temporarily inspired that they suck this stuff up like the last drop of water from a rusted faucet.

Truthfully, we, the marketers who endure failure and successes everyday but keep on trucking along are the real mental warriors, this goes for all entrepreneurs who have the guts to chase their dreams. Perhaps we need our own Olympics but I suppose we play it out everyday and the scoreboards are our bank accounts.



Plan ahead, hit people where they feel strong emotions, tie in motivation and self-help programs, talk about fitness and get into everyone’s head. Make money from them, give them great info and have a great life.  Oh, and don’t forget to JOIN VSN while you’re here.  That last point is CRITICAL to your success :) .

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