Advertising Your Valentine’s Day Products on Facebook

Advertising Your Valentine’s Day Products on Facebook

Feb 4, 2014

The TRUTH about Valentines Day..


One of the most popular holidays for those in romantic relationships is Valentine’s Day. Images of Cupid and advertisements for romantic gifts abound during the first half of February. If you want to make the most profit from this holiday, you need to understand how to REALLY advertising on Facebook during the next couple weeks.


Let’s get started..

Facebook ads are a great way to reach a very targeted audience, and drive that audience either straight to a landing page, or perhaps a capture page. Facebook has all types of special marketing tools that you can use to help you reach your target customers. Whether it be the power editor, or the new easy to use UI, facebook is doing their part.  Additionally, Facebook provides you with several options on where your ads will be placed when people either on the site, or on your device.

To make the most of this exciting opportunity, you can target your ads in several ways. For one, you can direct your ads to people in a particular physical location (Geo-targetting).

Another way to get the most from your Facebook ads is to have your offer directed towards a particular demographic (Be as specific as possible). This can keep the Valentine’s Day products you are offering directed toward the proper gender and age group. You will save by not having those specials reach disinterested people.

At the same time..

You can have your products aimed toward people who have found related sites and topics of interest. Your Valentine’s Day products will not be directed toward people who show a disdain for romantic relationships. Instead, those who enjoy love are going to see them.

The connections people have on Facebook are another great way for you to make certain your products reach the customers most likely to make a purchase. Those who are already connected to your page, and their friends, are the ones who will see your ads and, ideally, make a purchase for their loved one to celebrate the special occasion.

Your ads need to generate enough interested and get “LIKED” from as many people as possible. This increases the chances of others seeing it on their news feed. The more people who view your romantic ads, the greater your sales will be.

You can also choose to boost a post, either when you create it, or after the fact. This will increase the number of news feeds on which it will appear. Don’t forget to use keywords that catch the attention of your audience. Proper keywords are one of the most important tools in Internet advertising.

These are just a few of the simple methods that you can use to ensure that the most interested people will view your ads on Facebook. By taking the time to utilize them, you will get the most from your advertising efforts on Facebook.

If you’re looking to learn more..

On how to take advantage of not just THIS holiday, but all the holidays to come, and even more, then you’re going to definitely want to check out: VSN.

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