Different Ways To Use Content Marketing As A Marketing Tool For Valentines Day

Different Ways To Use Content Marketing As A Marketing Tool For Valentines Day

Feb 6, 2014

Content Marketing Secrets

When people think about Valentines Day, they think about hearts and roses. They think about chubby cherubs shooting those hearts and roses. They think about fluffy toys hugging the hearts and roses. Basically, there are hearts and roses involved in almost every aspect of Valentines Day; but why is this? Why do we always expect February 14th to be the ‘girliest’ day of the year? It all comes down to marketing.


Successful content marketing is the cause of many individuals’ obsession with pink and white heart-shaped whatevers. In fact, the correct marketing makes the purchasing of heart-shaped pendants more successful than other shapes. I digress, this is about online content marketing and how it can increase the popularity of your company and not about hearts and roses – even though they can contribute.

Nowadays, many buyers will review a company before purchasing anything. You can put that act down to faulty products, scam artists and bad referrals. However, this can be used to your advantage (if you are reading this as a seller and not a buyer). It is vital that you understand the importance of the purchase perspective if you are going to build both a positive online and on-site reputation.

Arguably one of the most effective methods of increasing your popularity and trustworthiness is through content marketing.

Here are a few ways you can use this skill to market your product for the all important Valentines Day.

1. Know what your consumers are looking for

Valentines Day is relatively easy to cater for with many consumers being aware of exactly which product they are looking for. This can be useful as it helps you create targeted content specific to your website. It is vital that the content promoting your products is unique, informative and exciting intriguing the reader. This content must compel the reader to purchase your item and share the information with friends.


2. Be informative, but don’t be too stiff

Valentines Day is a day where many people will be bubbly and sometimes ‘over the top’ filled with glee. If this is the case, the chances are they will read informative content, but are less likely to purchase any items if that content is dull. To keep the spirits up, and increase the chance of purchases being made, it is essential the tone of the article be as exciting and bubbly as the reader. Of course, this does not mean it should be any less factual, just that the facts are slightly merrier.


3. Keeping the content flowing

Nowadays, many stores are using an online presence to improve the quality of their on-site sales. However, if the amount of content is not consistent the presence will decrease and this can lead to both a lack of online and sometimes on-site popularity. When looking at Valentines Day, it is essential that you place content on the website before and during the day as a means of promotion. This must be completed consistently in order to continue steady online traffic.

In conclusion, content marketing can be highly effective if utilized effectively. It can increase popularity online and on-site, as well as sales.

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