Five Ways To Piggyback On SuperBowl Keywords

Five Ways To Piggyback On SuperBowl Keywords

Jan 31, 2014

Piggy backing on the Superbowl

The SuperBowl is definitely one of the major TV events of the year but did you know this sporting event also generates a huge amount of searches on the Internet? People want to know how to watch the event or get information on the teams. The SuperBowl ads also generate a good amount of interest, especially when they are released just a few days before the big event. As an Internet marketer, it is in your best interest to jump on the bandwagon and piggyback on some SuperBowl keywords to rank higher in search results.

Try finding a connection between your products or services and the SuperBowl. If there is an obvious connection, you should write a series of articles filled with keywords that are both relevant to the SuperBowl and to your products or services. You could for instance explain how your products can be used to plan a successful SuperBowl party or to stay motivated like football players do.


How to really make it work..

Engage your audience by writing about the SuperBowl and asking your clients or customers to let you know what they think about the event. This is a good strategy if you cannot find a direct connection between the SuperBowl and your products. You could add some SuperBowl related keywords to your page by simply adding a poll that allows visitors to vote for their favorite team. You can also create an article to let your readers know you are excited about the event and ask them to write comments about how they are preparing.
Organizing a SuperBowl giveaway is an excellent way to generate some interests from your audience while placing some SuperBowl related keywords on your pages. Organize a drawing for a brand new flat screen or give away some items that can be used during a SuperBowl party. Don’t forget to share details about the giveaway on social networks or message boards to create a few back-links.


SEO still matters more than content

You do not have to create content that is exclusively about the SuperBowl in order to piggyback on popular keywords. Placing a few jokes in your next article could be a great way to incorporate some popular keyword phrases. You could for instance mention how you are still working hard on your latest product while everyone else is getting ready for the big game or find another creative way to mention the SuperBowl in your content.
If you are having a hard time connecting the SuperBowl with the product you have, look for a different angle. The SuperBowl could lead to an article about the best TVs on the market, family traditions that should be preserved, the importance of playing team sports, the marketing methods used in the SuperBowl ads or even the halftime show.
These different methods will help you piggyback on the keyword phrases related to the SuperBowl. Keep in mind that content related to the big game is only relevant for a few weeks before the event but you will be able to use it again next year!  To learn more about how to use SEO and content strategy together, take a look at our company VSN

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