From Making a Living to Creating a Lifestyle – HOW YOU CAN TO!

From Making a Living to Creating a Lifestyle – HOW YOU CAN TO!

Jan 21, 2014

We all reach that point in life.  THAT point.  That point where we’ve been struggling for so long only to realize that the change that’s needed to happen has been right between our ears the whole time.  For some, this may come as a surprise but every decision, every action, and every outcome is a result of where you are right now, even as you’re reading this.

It could be the case that you have HUGE GOALS (which you should) and you feel that you’ve been working so hard only to come up short time after time.  Well, that’s ok.  I mean, it may SEEM like “all is lost” but in reality, the endurance and tenacity that’s cultivated as a result of these struggles will inevitably help you reach those HUGE GOALS down the road.  But how about this (for now), instead of getting carried away with ALL the huge goals you have, why not start at something small, and work your way up?

I’ll give you a personal example.  My birthday is in 3 days, and I’ve been involved in the direct sales industry (in some way or another) for 5 years, actually this will be my 6th.  When I was 19 and I first saw “the vision” you can bet your last dollar that I had HUGE goals.

I told myself..

“By the age of 25 I’m going to be retired.”

“By the age of 25 I’m going to go to outer space via Virgin Galatic for my gift”

“By the age of 25 I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted, things most people only dreamed of”


Now, you can imagine.. as the days tick down and I inch closer and closer to this “deadline” of BEING 25,

having set SUCH HIGH GOALS and not achieving them might be quite devastating.  With that, I have to agree.  I told my friend Daniel half jokingly, “I’m either going to be in tears of joy or tears of despair.”

I suppose.. as I sit here contemplating my life over the past 6-years since I’ve discovered the industry I begin to think about everything I’ve learned.  Everyone I’ve met.  Everywhere I’ve been.  And of course, HOW all of this has shaped me into the person I am today.

Let’s take a look at a few things..

In 2008 when I was 19 I graduated College as the youngest in my class, and would say I was also in the top 20%.

In 2009, I landed a job working for a non-profit where I quickly realized that the position completely undermined my skillsets that I had put SO MUCH (16-18hrs a day) time into gaining.

I found myself finishing my “assigned tasks” incredibly fast.  So fast that after being in the office for just over an hour on any given day, I realized I now had 7-hours to do something.  Anything.  Naturally, since the pay wasn’t bad for the first 6-months or so I spent that time Binge-watching TV Shows and movies while getting a ‘slow start’ on the work ahead of me for tomorrow.  It wasn’t’ until after that 6-months that I had also been reading SUCCESS magazine when I realized.  I need to use my time more proactively.  It was actually in this SAME MOMENT that I realized, and thought to myself, “My god.  I am literally WASTING the best years of my life right now, I need to fix this.”

Shortly after instead of binge watching TV-shows, I began to look to places like and then progressively moved towards longer documentary type films that taught me about ALL KINDS of different things.

Now while what happened next is VERY interesting, I’m going to have to save that for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, you’ll realize what I realized 4 years ago, but also reminded of just a few weeks ago.  Until then.

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