GetResponse VS GVO | Which one is better?

GetResponse VS GVO | Which one is better?

Nov 1, 2013

Which one is Better?

Get Response VS GVO


Good question.

Seeing as yesterday we compared Aweber and GetResponse and it was obvious that GetResponse came out ahead, today we’re going to compare the winner (Get Response) with another popular autoresponder that many affiliate marketers (especially) are familiar with. I’m referring to none other than GVO.

Since yesterday we already discussed how much cooler and more awesome GetResponse is than Aweber, let’s take this time to focus today on the differences and perhaps added benefits that GVO actually provides over GetResponse.


Let’s go.

First of all, when it comes to pricing GVO is amazingly cheaper than the rest out there. One thing that surprised is me is how they’re able to provide you a database that can hold 10,000 subscribers for only $10/mo ($9.95)

With GVO in addition to having an autoresponder you also get web hosting (on multiple or single) domains bundled into what you’re going to pay. What this means is that if you’re getting started online and you think it might be a good idea to set up a website (it is) to brand yourself, then GVO has got you covered. Since you’re technically paying for the ‘Web Hosting’, they give you their Site Building and Marketing Tools for free.

Not to mention, UNLIMITED disk space and bandwidth. If that wasn’t enough, how about 24/7-365 customer support?
I can only imagine if Aweber fathomed providing such a thing.. But I digress.

What’s included in GVO’s “Marketing Tools”?

Let’s take a look..

GVO Marketing Tools:

Email Marketing Software (AutoResponder)


Web Conference Software (like GoToMeeting)


Video Streaming and Creation Services (like Vimeo Pro)


Now, the cost for ALL of these services outside of GVO would easily run you $108+ a month.

I checked.

It’s true.

So then, with that $9.95/mo you’re paying what are you getting then?

Eresponder Pro (allows you to mail up to 10,000 subscribers)

GVOConference (for your webinars)

Easy Video Producer (to make and host your videos)

For a grand total of.. FREE.

Yep. I said it. The four letter F word. I’ll say it again too, FREE.

While GetResponse is certainly a great price, you can’t really compete with a pricetag of less than $10, for 10,000 subscribers. That’s incredible.

Moving on..

If everything mentioned above wasn’t enough, what if someone paid you handsomely for referring others to use the same product that YOU NEED for your business? How about over 300% Commissions?

Here’s a look at how their Compensation Plan breaks down for those who decided they would like to refer the service to others.

Pretty cool right?

So now that we’ve reached the end of this comparison review, I think it can be said that GVO far exceeds both GetResponse and Aweber when it comes to price. However, in terms of whether the quality of the actual service is comparable is something I cannot attest to. It may be for you if you’re just starting out, and it’s your first auto responder.
system you get with, but having experienced the flow and design of other products, you may be a little disappointed. This is of course, unless.. they’ve made some major changes over the last month or two that I haven’t seen.

The main problem I see is this: Despite the fact that GVO has a wealth of training on how to do/set-up almost everything on their site, there is literally SO MUCH information on there that it becomes a cluttered back office that is difficult to navigate efficiently.

While I would recommend it to those who have not yet setup an AutoResponder PERIOD, I would not recommend it to someone who has used Aweber or GetResponse as you’ll immediate notice what I mean when it comes to User Experience.

..But the great thing is..

If you’re a newbie, starting out, a beginner who hasn’t had their experience with Auto responders yet, then this is a great place to start and you can start making money with it too!

As a closing statement, I stand by what I said yesterday. I will probably jump over to GetResponse in the very near future here.

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