How Internet Marketers Should Take Advantage of The Super Bowl

How Internet Marketers Should Take Advantage of The Super Bowl

Jan 28, 2014

Taking advantage of the pricey

($4-million for 30-seconds)

Super Bowl Ads

As an Internet marketer, I am always on the lookout for trends and different niches to service. Matter of fact, one of my favorite things about being an Internet marketer is coming up with new ideas and testing them out on the world. I see myself as a creative and a creator in the marketing realm. In a few days, the Super Bowl will be played at Met Life Stadium and millions of people are going to view the Super Bowl and discuss the commercials. The Super Bowl is such big business that businesses are willing to pay 1 million dollars for a 1 minute commercial. As Internet Marketers, how can we use this information to our advantage.

For some of you, you are too late! What I’ve been doing and will continue to do is buy PPC marketing on social media sites promoting different deals that involve the super bowl. I’m running coupon ads and ads for different food companies. I’m using headlines such as, We Supply The Food and You Supply The Fun. I am looking for any Super Bowl party related offer to promote to people and so far the ROI has been very good.

After The Super Bowl Airs

Just because the Super Bowl ends doesn’t mean that its effect ends. Here’s what I mean, millions of people will discuss the commercial or anything controversial that happens at the Super Bowl. To me, this offers a prime marketing opportunity. I have offers already approved on Facebook and Google to market graphic arts schools and broadcasting schools. My marketing ads will say something similar to this, “Get A Job Making Commercials Like You See At The Super Bowl!” I’m also using offers for schools that have marketing programs for this angle.

As a marketer, you must always be things and always creating. Never let a great opportunity like the Super Bowl pass you by. There’s so much money to make off the excitement of the event and everything associated with it. Even writing this article, I’m thinking of new ideas and ideas that involve the human spirit, working hard, never giving up and what these sort of messages mean to people and what type of products that would create value to them.


This is why I love being an Internet Marketer..

Everything gives me an opportunity to reach the world and offer value in return for money. Think about it like this and you will come up with hundreds of ideas to use the Super Bowl to earn money and to help people.

As you can see, the Super Bowl is a great time for all marketers including Internet Marketers. It gives us a perfect source to reach out to people at a gut level, at a pop culture level, at a human level, that will allow us to put products in front of them. It gives us a perfect way to ad value and to even use the Super Bowl as a proxy for the challenges that everyone faces and can get over. Find out your niches personal Super Bowl and offer a way to win it.

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