How to Leverage the Olympics as an Affiliate

How to Leverage the Olympics as an Affiliate

Feb 17, 2014

Top Five Ways To Leverage The Olympics As An Affiliate Marketer

Ice Hockey Olympics

The Olympics are definitely a popular topic for online searches. As an affiliate marketer, you should never miss out on an occasion to connect your products with a popular event, including the Olympics.

Here are a few different ways to leverage the Olympics.

Add some sporting equipment to your selection of products. You can easily find affiliate programs that offer quality sporting equipment. The Olympics is a great source of inspiration for a lot of people and it is likely that more people will pick up a new sport or hobby after watching the Olympics. You can generate sales by presenting a sport to people and by giving them some tips on how to get started. It is best to choose a sport or a hobby you know a lot about.

Training Tips

The Olympics are also a motivation to get in shape. Olympic athletes often share great workout tips and you can write a lot of content about their workout secrets. Their goal is to burn as many calories and build muscle mass in a short time frame so the tips they share actually work very well.

Fitness Equipment


You can use this kind of content to sell workout equipment or fitness supplements.
Olympic gear is always a popular product during the Olympics. Each country has its own official Olympic clothing collection. These products usually meet high quality standards and become fashionable during the Olympics. If you decide to sell Olympic gear, get started a couple of months before the Olympics actually begin. Get people excited about these products by sharing updates about the athletes from your country and by keeping your audience updated about the competitions.


Workout clothes are another item you could sell thanks to the Olympics. Pay attention to what the athletes are wearing and try finding affiliate programs that offer these products, or at least products that look very similar. Some athletes even endorse athletic apparel once they win a medal, which is a great way to draw attention to a quality product.

If Nothing Else..

If none of these products relate to the audience you’re selling to, find an original way to connect the Olympics with the products you usually sell. The Olympics are about sportsmanship and excellence so you could use these values to present your products. Connect with your audience by sharing news about the Olympics, stating that you support your country’s athletes and use social media to discuss with your audience about the Olympics. People will identify with your site or blog and be more likely to purchase the products you promote if you can connect thanks to the Olympics.
These are only a few of the strategies you could use to leverage the Olympics as an affiliate marketer. It is best to start working on adding more products to your selection in advance so you have plenty of time to do some research and create quality content to present these products. You could also think of other original ways to connect the Olympics with your products.

One such way if you’re selling “make money” programs, is why using the Olympians stories of adversity on what THEY had to go through to get to where they are, and how it might relate to your audience. ┬áTo find out more about how to create this type of content ingrained with the Olympic touch, check out our website!

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