How to Make Holiday Marketing Preparations: ‘Tis The Season!

What marketer doesn’t want to be part of the mad holiday rush every year? With stockings to fill and halls to deck, consumers spend non-stop during the season of joy! Make sure you cash in on the most wonderful time of the year, by being ready long before bells start ringing.  Let’s cover how to do JUST THAT.


Start Early

Come mid-December, consumers are drowning in offers tucked in their emails and mail boxes, so you’d better have a plan ready to deploy before then. If you can establish a good relationship with your customers in the summer, by the time the holidays roll around, you’ll already be a reliable source of information and ideas (perhaps next year). Think ahead, plant the seeds of shopping before the first frost and you shouldn’t find any coal in your stocking.


Stick to a Budget

While many consumers throw caution to the wind when it comes to holiday shopping, this is something you should probably avoid. Develop a practical marketing budget and stick with it. You may think going all out will result in a big pay off, but the truth is that if you haven’t already planned and prepared for the holiday madness, there’s not much you can do to make up for it. Even if there were, what you put out in marketing costs probably won’t come back to you in revenue.


Stand Out in the Crowd

Think about all the offers consumers get around the holidays, and you get the idea that your particular brand or message could easily get lost in the shuffle. Again, preparing early is key! Offer a coupon that doubles in value during December, or give people some kind of 2-for-1 bargain they will find very useful and completely irresistible. Unless you’re already well known to potential customers, you’ve got to be a very squeaky wheel to get that oil (attention) of your prospects.

Make the Season Easier For Consumers

Some very successful marketing campaigns from last year had nothing to buy, they simply made life easier for shoppers. Think about how to create this type of engagement for people coming to your site, or your facebook page, link to helpful maps or offer them easy access to driving conditions, deals, etc.. Tell them what you’ve done for them in advance, so that they will remember to check you out while waiting in the long shopping lines or sitting at a bus stop. The more problems you solve for them, the more loyalty you cultivate.

Use  Contests

Get to know people a little better with the information they provide when entering your contests, and use it to personalize the holiday offers you send. Throw in a few questions that help you establish a shopping profile, then put a little thought into what you send out later. You can group customers according to major categories to make life easier on you, but make sure you use the information you collect to improve their experience with you!


Use Mobile to your Holiday Advantage

Everyone is on the go these days, and when the holidays roll around, there going even faster and further. This of course means that mobility should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Use ads and messages appropriate for the small screen, deploy them more often and look into location and call extensions for faster shopping hook-ups. Send out a coupon code with a holiday greeting and the joy you spread will come right back to you!

If you plan your marketing strategy right, there’s no reason you can’t capitalize on the season of spending cash.  If you’re looking for the “tools” to help you achieve everything that’s been mentioned then you’re ABSOLUTELY going to want to check out the new Viral Success Network.  From email marketing, phone broadcasts, SMS and more.. there is NO REASON WHY this holiday season you won’t want to use what we have to offer to make your life easier.


Make a list, check it twice and reap the rewards with the new VSN!

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