How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday as a Marketer

How to Make the Most Out of Black Friday as a Marketer

Nov 27, 2013

How to Make the Most out of Black Friday

Without a doubt, Black Friday is increasingly becoming a Holiday in it of itself.  It would seem that some people even celebrate Black Friday for a longer duration than they do Thank Giving (the day before).  So what does this tell us about society, and the society we’re becoming?  Well, firth of all – you should know that not EVERYONE is so eager to stampede over their fellow man to get extra savings off whatever gift they’ve had their eye on. In fact, 50% of folks in the US say they will not even participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

While that’s refreshing to hear, it does not mean that it is the case for everyone else.  In fact, big brands and retailers are expecting to cash in over $220B this year during the flurry. So what does this all really mean FOR YOU?  I mean, if you’re a marketer sitting there.. how can YOU use this to your advantage? That is an excellent question – one that I’m glad you asked ;) .

Black Friday Shopping

Let’s Jump into That.

As an affiliate marketer only days away from one of the biggest spending spree’s in history, you should take a moment to get inside these people’s head.  Let’s start off with a few question that will lead you in the direction you need to go so you know what type of mindset to have to market to this type of person:

  1. Why are they so eager to spend on Black Friday?
  2. Do these deals really mean that much to them?
  3. Is it so important that they get the discounts that will be available on Black Friday?
  4. Could it be that they’re trying to save so much because in reality they’re looking to make more money, but don’t know how?
  5. I wonder if they were making more money if they would still be so enthused about Back Friday?
  6. If I didn’t have to face the mob of people interested in these Black Friday discounts like me because I could afford not to, why would I participate?
  7. What types of things will I buy?
  8. What types of things am I looking at?
  9. What type of things do I want to get JUST BECAUSE it’s at such a discount?


With these types of questions you can begin to understand the profile of the shopper/buyer/prospect you’re looking to target.  These people are looking to spend money.  Some, without a doubt, will realize they may have spent too much, others will feel a little empty because of such.  Your job as an affiliate is to SHOW THEM THE WAY.

The Way..

The way they can afford to stay in bed on Friday morning (and any morning for that matter) skip the stampede of people, and really just enjoy time with their family at a time when we’re supposed to be thankful for what we have in our lives.  This way, the VSN Extreme way, can help people come back down to reality and realize that maybe all these “things” and “stuff” is REALLY JUST – ‘things’ and ‘stuff’.

If you’ve read this entire article, and you’re one of the folks gearing up for Black Friday just because you want to take advantage of those deep discounts (maybe because you need to), then you’ll also NEED TO take a look at what he have to offer, here at VSN.

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