Increasing Conversions Through Split Testing

Increasing Conversions Through Split Testing

Nov 4, 2013

It is without a doubt of VITAL importance to split test aka A/B Test.  The problem that many newbies face when getting started online is trying to find the "perfect training" the "perfect solution" the "perfect system" that will get them rich their first week in the business.  While some people have gone off and through significant amounts of effort made this dream become a reality, it's not a reality for most people.

Most people would rather have others tell them what to do.  Have others tell them 'what's right' and 'what's wrong'.  Look to others to see what's working vs testing it themselves.  While certainly there's no problem with a little competitive intelligence (knowing what your competitors are doing to market themselves in the market place).  It's equally if not MORE important to find out on your own what's going to work for what YOU'RE offering.  In this case, probably VSN Extreme.

Why is it SO important?

Because if you're always following what others are telling you, you're always going to be behind the trend.  If you're always following the direction of where the heard is going, you're bound to step in some $hit.  If you're only looking to others to tell you what's working for them, you'll never find out what's really going to work - FOR YOU.

In the internet marketing, make money online industry it's all about information.  The selling of that is.  We affiliate market info products.  That's what the industry is all about.  The problem is that it's very easy to fall into the matrix of what works, and what you should be doing, VS what is new, shiny, exciting and has a lot of promise.

To illustrate the importance of WHY A/B Testing is so important, let's take a look at a chart that covers what types of testing are considered to be the most important.  After-all, there is really nothing that will lift conversions more than TESTING what works, and what's not.  Nixing the stuff that doesn't, and making more of what does.

So let's take a look a this chart..

As can be deduced from the chart above..

  • 60% of Marketers consider A/B Testing Highly Valuable, while 38% consider it Quite Valuable.
  • 59% Consider Multivariate (Multiple variables of content tested at once) Testing highly valuable, with 39% say its Quite Valuable.
  • 55% Say Usability testing is Highly Valuable, and another 43% say it's Quite Valuable..
  • 52% say customer journey analysis (how a customer goes through your sales funnel) as Highly Valuable, with 45% saying it's Quite Valuable.
  • Lastly, 51% say Segmentation (breaking off your list into smaller lists based on certain criteria) is Highly valuable, with 42% saying it's Quite Valuable.


Other Insights..

  • Company marketers most commonly test websites (71%), followed by email (60%) and landing pages (59%). Only 7% don’t test anything.
  • The most popular website elements tested are call-to-action buttons (74%) and page layout (70%).
  • Among those company respondents who test their websites, a majority 60% conduct 1 (40%) or 2 (20%) A/B or multivariate tests per month.
  • The most important aspect for a successful testing strategy is defining its goals and objectives, per company respondents, followed by prioritizing what to test.
  • While A/B testing is the most common testing method for desktop websites, usability testing is preferred for mobile websites, tablets, and mobile applications.

If you'd like to gain access to software that allows you to track your campaigns from the click all the way to the sale, then you're DEFINITELY going to want to get started with VSN Extreme so we can help you do just that!

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