Top 3 Ways to Use Advertorials

Top 3 Ways to Use Advertorials

Feb 11, 2014

The Top Three Ways that you can use Advertorials

If you’ve been searching for ways to reach a larger reading audience advertorials may be something you wan to consider. Many of today’s current readers are often overloaded and bombarded with advertisements, information and news. If you are able to use advertorials correctly, you can find a way to blend an advertisement with editorial content. With the right information you can benefit from the best ways in advertising methods for any company.

Although the main purpose behind advertorials are more focused on the advertisement aspects. The look and style of the content should resemble articles where valid opinions are viewed. Traditionally, advertorials are usually found in magazines, print publications (offline) and magazines. Today there are various online sources that now contain these pieces.

One of the primary differences in traditional and advertorial ads is that the advertorial will usually contain a lot more information. This information will revolve around the opinions of real people on the services or the product, specific data and testimonials that will hold interest for the readers. In addition, advertorials include specific information on a product such as how to utilize the product, product history and even how the product matches up to the current competition.

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Advertorials are designed to inform and advertise to prospective customers, which relates into superior ways for direct response type campaigns. There are specific ways you can use advertorials to the best of your advantage, below are the three best ways you can start:

The 3 Best Ways to Use Advertorials

1. Unless you are skilled and experienced in creating advertorials, you should hire an experienced copywriter who has the right experience in writing eye catching advertorials.  Alternatively, you could just GET the 500k Blueprint product, and you could do them yourself.

2. Always focus the attention on your content. Even if your publication involves a disclaimer for the readers that you’re advertorial is not a piece of news that is real. It will assist you greatly in writing the piece as a real type of news piece, instead of a standard advertisement.

3. Your copy should contain valid points that are strategically worked into the piece. This will help to improve your business credibility status.

To further increase the effectiveness of your advertorials you can implement the following suggestions into your next campaign:

1) The copy that you write should be helpful, engaging, and honest to your prospective customers

2) Make use of creative visualization(s)

3) Combine testimonials for social proof from your top rated customers

4) Use “call to action” in your copy, this is a good way for you to really connect with new prospects

The combination of advertising and editorial content can work for your business in a number of ways. This type of marketing is definitely worth all every amount of effort and the time needed to make a KILLER advertorial.

Additionally, there are many other back-end methods that you will be able to utilize with advertorial content. These methods are essential in the further promotion of your business. Start off with these simple techniques and tips and really find a way to use your advertorials in the best ways possible in promoting your brand.  When you’re ready to learn the “good stuff” check out the 500k blueprint.

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