Top Five Affiliate Marketing Tactics for the Olympics

Top Five Affiliate Marketing Tactics for the Olympics

Feb 20, 2014

Five of the Top Affiliate Marketing Tactics for the Olympics

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Many companies in the startup phases face an enormous challenge in funding. In the last few years online companies that are successful are those that have paid a heavy cost in banner ads, paid search and print advertising. Many of the free marketing tactics only focus on aspects such as social media.

These ideas may seem good, however, they are extremely time consuming and may not provide satisfactory results. Below are five affiliate marketing tactics that can be used for the Olympics in the next 4 years, so you can be ready.

Link Exchanges

It is never advisable to purchase links, you can create a type of link network along with other companies in your similar fields. This will help all the sites to grow, the links can include banner ad exchange, promotional posts or blogrolls. In the current economy various companies will welcome the swap space along with the links.  This of course helps with your SEO strategy.


This is a growing social network that receives more than 10 million unique visitors PER DAY. You can pin up images to these highly noticed visual boards as an affiliate marketing tactic for the Olympics. Pinterest allows you to rapidly establish your company as industry experts using vital keywords targeted for your business. (Think visual SEO)

In addition, it is advisable to post content that features on your company website how partners or your clients can utilize Pinterest and be sure to incorporate links to your profile on Pintererest.
Promote that Pinterest has caused an increase in the traffic flow to your website.

Giveaways and Contests

Nearly every online user likes to receive free items or gifts giveaways. Promotions and contests are a fantastic way to increase traffic as well as e-mail sign ups. Be sure to post these contests on the variety of social media sites as a great tactic in affiliate marketing for the Olympics.

‘Refer a Friend Program’

You can guide your customers to spread the news about your company through a system known as ‘refer a friend program’ or a referral program. Be sure to offer a discount or deal that can be passed along to their friends that will drive a marked increase of traffic onto your website.

Affiliate Marketing

There are affiliate programs available such as Sharesale which will easily allow you to monitor and create a type of revenue sharing tool specifically for your particular ecommerce site. When using affiliate programs you should upload product feeds and banner ads that other sites and bloggers can utilize in order to promote your company brand.

If the traffic you are sent translates into a sale, you will provide commission. The fees are extremely cost effective and you gain access to lots of publishers who market your site. This is an effective method for affiliate marketing tactics for the Olympics that you can use without having to fork out large sums of money in order to get noticed.Affiliate marketing is by far the most affordable option available for smaller companies online. To learn more about Affiliate Marketing and its countless benefits, CLICK HERE.


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