Which is Better? GetResponse Vs Aweber

Which is Better? GetResponse Vs Aweber

Oct 31, 2013

GetResponse vs Aweber

Which one is better?

Which one has better features?

Which one is cheaper?

Those may all be questions you’re asking yourself if you’re considering getting one of these two different autoresponder. The fact of the matter is they are actually quite similar, but do vary slightly in cost and specific features.

Let’s take a look at GetResponse first.

GetResponse allows you to import lists of people without having to have them re-confirm their subscriptions. Aweber does not.

GetResponse has more automation tools than Aweber. Such as, being able to trigger emails to go out based on certain events..(which include):


  • Clicked
  • Opened
  • Subscribed
  • Goal Reached (you determine this goal)
  • or Data (their info) changed

GetResponse also has a built-in survey system that allows you to easily request info from your list without having to use a 3rd party service like SurveyMonkey. Meanwhile, Aweber does not have anything even close.

GetResponse also has a a deal with iStockPhoto where they give you access to thouands of free images you can use in your emails or opt-in forms. Aweber, does not.

When it comes to Reporting, GetResponse has a more visual approach which allows you to see the either analyze one list at once, or all at once. In Aweber, this is quite difficult to achieve.

One final thing that many who have switched over from Aweber to GetResponse is deliveribility has increased. Some even claim this increase was 100% of what they were previously getting which elludes to the fact that perhaps Awebers emails just aren’t getting to your entire lists emails.

This year GetResponse also integrated Blogg RSS to email, which allows you to have the blogs written on your site to be broadcasted to your subscribers list.

If all that wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering and considering the switch to GetResponse, did I mention that GetResponse is actually cheaper than Aweber? Yeah. 1,000 subscribers will only run you $15/mo whereas on Aweber their starting subscription cost for 500 subscribers or less is $19/mo. If you exceed 500, you will be charged $29/mo. Meanwhile, GetResponse’s next level which holds 2,500 subscribers is only $25/mo.

At the end of the day, things seem to stack up well in favor of GetResponse, but lets take a look what Aweber has that GetResponse doesn’t.

First of all, – actually, I can’t really think of any reasons why I want to stay with Aweber after doing this research. The only thing I’ve found that Aweber really has going for them that GetResponse lacks (a little) is the design element.

The only thing I’ve heard bad about GetResponse is the delivery rate can be slowed than Aweber, however if the % of emails delivered is higher, than to ME personally, I don’t care. Naturally, there may be some bugs, but all software has bugs.

I think its apparent which one is the better.





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