Why you NEED TO GET Lead Net Pro 5

LeadNetPro 5 is the newest version of the award winning extraction software which is already used  by thousands of professional marketers for their lead generation needs. The Lead Net Pro 5 extractor offers a 99% or higher accuracy rate and will grab literally thousands of leads in minutes compared to competitors, some of which can take hours for the same numbers of leads.

The newest version of the software sources search engines, directories and classified ad information. The information will include names, industry, addresses, emails, phone numbers and websites that are relevant and up to date in their findings. They are then categorized and available in any criteria that are desired.

Another cool thing is, the information gained from the database is also available for printing upon labels for direct mail purposes, so that a mailing can be put out by the click of a mouse.


Additionally, Lead Net Pro 5 has a phone broadcasting system that is second to none. This saves having to acquire separate software for this purpose. If there is a meeting, or a seminar that current clients need to be aware of, one button can send the same message to thousands simultaneously. The call can be set up by simply importing any lists that have been generated (in the CSV format) and it has the ability to target multiple campaigns. Needless to say, this feature allows for quick communication for important events to a large group instantly.


One of the more exciting new features of the Lead Net Pro 5 upgrade is the addition of on demand seminars. With this format, literally thousands of clients, opt-ins, or clients can have the availability of any message, or series of messages you feel you would like them to have, at their convenience.

NOTE: Studies have shown that video communication has over the top bonding capabilities with clients and prospects beyond any other media, especially if the receiving party has control of when they wish to watch it.

With this new feature, an unlimited number of webinars can be recorded and made available with several professional background images and logos available, as well as many pre-built images.

Now users have a very sophisticated and powerful sales funnel available to direct leads into and market to. Users have their choice of Get Response, Aweber, or GVO autoresponders with a variety of setup schemes and colors. Content can be added for emails, letters, videos, backgrounds, and more. There are hard-coded opt in “gates” where only serious people are getting on the lists so you are dealing with people interested in the subject, and not just “lookers.”


Another new feature in Lead Net Pro 5 is the mobile app, which allows sales people, managers and anyone else involved in the process the opportunity to track numbers, projects, and anything to do with these areas while they are on the go. Having pertinent information available exactly when it is needed can be the difference between a successful sale, and having timing run out to the point where the prospect is no longer interested.


The new Lead Net Pro 5 is a stunning package that will make any marketing organization more successful simply by all of the organization and marketing activities that are automated and so easy to use.  If that wasn’t enough, the price alone is something to make it attractive to anyone on a budget.

Of course, not everyone will be interested in Lead Net Pro, let alone Lead Net Pro 5 – that is why here at ViralSuccessNetwork.com we share the facts about how systems work, and give you the opportunity to take a look at our own, that has BLOWN AWAY thousands of customers in satisfaction, support, and experience.

Take a look, and you’ll see why!

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